Chassis: WOD Custom Redneck Rocket Ship Chassis

Engine: Supercharged LS
Radiator/Fans: Griffin 31 x 15 1/2
Exhaust: WOD Stainless Custom
Transmission Make: TH400
Transmission Shifter: Art Carr/Winters Shifter
Transfer Case: Atlas
Fuel Containment: WOD Custom Aluminum Fuel Cell

Skid Plate/Material: 3/8 6061 Aluminum
Steering Column/Wheel: Longacre 13 Inch Steering Wheel/WOD 24" Steering Column
Brake Control: WOD Hydroboost Kit
Seats/Harnesses: PRP Alpha Seats/PRP Harnesses
Safety - Fire Extinguisher: H3R HalGuard 2.5lb Halon Fire Extinguisher -    
Winches - Front/Rear: Warn 9.0 RC Winch 

Suspension/Type/Materials: 4 Link, WOD 7075 Aluminum Links, 1 1/4" QA1 Rod Ends, 7075 Billet Trailing Arms

Shocks: Radflo 3" 5 Tube Remote Reservoir Bypass Shocks, 2" Coilover Remote Reservoirs, 3" 5 Tube Piggyback Bypass Shocks
Bump Stops: Radflo 2.0 x 4" Travel
Brakes: WOD Light Weight Brake Kit
Driveshafts: WOD 1410 Heavy Duty Driveshafts/WOD 1410 Carrier Bearing Kit
Front Axle Housing: Crane Axle 14 Bolt with 3.5" (1/2" Wall) Tubing
Front Inner C's/Knuckles: Crane Axle Magnum Knuckles
Front Differential/Locker: 40 Spline Spool
Front Ring & Pinion/ratio: 5.13 Yukon
Front Axle Shafts: 40 Inner/47 Outer Spline Shafts
Front Drive Flanges/Hubs: Ouverson Spindles and Wheel Hubs
Front Steering Setup/Arms: Crane Axle Magnum High Steer Arms
Rear Axle Housing: Crane Axle 14 Bolt with 3.5" (1/2" Wall) Tubing
Rear Differential/Locker: Spool 40 Spline
Rear Axle Shafts: 40 Inner/47 Outer Spline Shafts
Rear Sway Bar: Currie AntiRock Swaybar