Fabrication and the shop

Here at Wide Open Design we can handle most any job thrown at us involving motor sports fabrication. Fabrication is what the shop was built on and we take pride in our work no matter what we are working on. The shop has many different assets that we use to get our jobs done. These assets are what help set us apart from your run of the mill bolt on accessory shop. We can take raw materials and turn them into running and driving vehicles.

We also have a manufacturing division in house. This has been set up to build a full line up of production parts. We manufacture product lines for the hardcore off-road/buggies and SXS market. The manufacturing part of the shop stays busy and is continuously evolving. We have fixtures built for many of the products that ensure they are manufactured with precision every time.

Our Services include:

  • MIG and TIG welding: with multiple welders on hand we have the ability to handle many different welding jobs at once. We can tackle your steel, stainless steel, or aluminum needs
  • Tube Bending: We can bend round tubing in the following sizes 1”, 1 ¼”, 1 ½”, 1 ¾”, and 2”
  • Tube Rolling: We can roll “radius bend” round tubing in the following sizes 1 ½”, 1 ¾”, and 2”
  • Plasma Cutting: We have the ability to plasma cut steel with a clean cut all the way up to 1” thick steel
  • Alternate Metal Cutting: We have a variety of different cutting solutions for any need we come up with from a chop saw to a vertical band saw
  • Sheet metal Work: from a finger break to a bead roller we have what it takes to turn out some of the nicest sheet metal work in the off road industry
  • Machining: We house a 14 x 60 Horizontal lathe as well as a vertical end mill that have the capabilities to tackle most any machining project that we come across
  • Shock Rebuilding: We have all of the tools and supplies on hand to handle any shock rebuilding, re valving or repairs
  • CAD Design: We use CAD software in house to design parts in both 2-D and 3-D modeling.
  • General Vehicle Repair and Maintenance: All though we are not a general automotive repair shop we do have all of the tools and knowledge to keep most off road vehicles going strong. We service a lot of the buggies that we build as well as tackle the bigger jobs that other automotive shops won’t tackle, such as engine swaps, drive train swaps, and differential work.
  • Electrical: We do all of our own wiring in house. From building a harness from scratch for a rock crawler to installing a set of lights, we can handle it. From weather pack to crimp and solder connectors we have all of the tools and materials on hand to get your wiring job done right.
  • Plumbing: We have all the right tools to make your plumbing project come out right. We use a variety of AN fittings, hose, and tube to complete most any job.