Team Adam's Ultra 4 Race Buggy

Nazir Adam is the owner/driver for Team Adam Racing and when he came to Wide Open Design looking for his new Ultra 4 rig we knew we could build him a ground breaking rig that suite his needs. He wanted a buggy built that had exceptional fabrication work with a sleek and racy over all look. We also new with the kind of racing we were doing the rig had to be tough and well engineered. The design on the buggy was started way before the first piece of tubing was ever cut or bent. We laid out all of the major components we knew we would use and then designed a custom chassis in CAD around all of those parts.

The buggy is composed of the best parts in the business. It will roar to life with a MAST Motor sports 416 cubic inch crate engine with Variable Valve Timing (VVT) that puts out 580 hp being fed by a pair of Walbro fuel pumps sending all that power though a Culhane Racing Transmission TH400. With this much power you need some serious cooling so the radiator and oil coolers are massive units from Griffin. An Advanced Adapters Atlas 4 speed transfer case sends the load to the axles through a set of High Angle Drive Line drive shafts with a mix of 1350 and 1410 universal joints. The axles of this buggy are off road racers dream! They are held in place by a set of QA-1 rod ends and 7075 aluminum link bars are heat treated Chromoly Tube Works Housings filled with 9inch nodular iron third members machined to fit 10 inch ring and pinions. The front axle shafts are 1.50 diameter 35 spline 300m material while the rears are 1.75 diameter 40 spline 300m material built by RCV. The hubs and drive plates are from Cone Industries and they bolt up to a set of Walker Evans Racing wheels wrapped in BF Goodrich tires. Steering those tires are a set of Crane knuckles hooked to a complete steering kit from PCS Motor sports utilizing there power steering pump, Reservoir, orbital valve, and steering ram. This entire package is controlled by a set of 2.0 Sway-A-Way Coil Overs and 2.5in. Sway-A-Way 3 Tube Bypass shocks and 2.0in air bump stops.

Now this buggy is being built for long races so comfort played a big role in the cock pit area of the buggy. A set of Twisted Stitch Pro seats used in conjunction with Crow 5 point harnesses to keep the driver and passenger safe and comfortable while racing. CNC master cylinder Pedal assembly puts pressure to the Brake Man Calipers to bring this thing to a stop in a hurry. All of the major vitals of the buggy are kept up with through Auto Meter gauges and the crew can keep in touch with the racers though there PCI radios. The Lowrance GPS keeps the buggy on course while running the long races and when the race runs on into the night there is a full set of Vision X lights to guide the way. But it the buggy ever gets stuck there is a Warn RC9.0 winch on the front of the buggy to help and a Radflow flow jack on board incase of flat tires.

The chassis is composed of 1.75in and 1.5in 4130 Chromoly tubing if various wall thickness to create a durable and safe buggy. Every piece of the buggy is entirely TIG welded, and the fabrication work is top notch though out the build. From, all of the rolled tubing to the difficult tube notches to add style to the build and custom one off aluminum interior and body accent the tube work with the right mix of style and class making this one classy race car.

Photos of Team Adam's Ultra 4 Race Buggy