Stephen Broady came to us wanting to utilize some of his parts and pour them into one of our Rock Bouncer chassis. We hooked him up with a chassis that had custom door bars. Those along with the look of the Maxis Treapadors gives this buggy a unique look. We are excited to see what he does with this thing once it gets home and he puts his own finishing touches on it.

Stephen is going to be using a Ls engine mated to a TH 400 Trans backed up by an Atlas transfer case. 

From there, the power is going to a High Pinion Dana 60 that is set up for Passenger drop. A 14 Bolt is being used for the rear axle. He is going to be using a set of ORI struts on this buggy. We are interested to see how they perform. 

Stephen wanted us to mount his PRP GT S.E. seats in the buggy.  We were able to knock out the interior and a dash for him as well. The little bit of bead rolling in the dash really set it off.

Overall, this buggy turned out with just enough custom style to be an original to Stephen, and that's what we like to give guys.

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