LS Engine AN Thermostat Housing

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  • LS Engine AN Thermostat Housing
  • LS Engine AN Thermostat Housing
  • LS Engine AN Thermostat Housing
  • LS Thermostat Housing
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LS Engine Thermostat Housing

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Wide Open Design's LS Thermostat Housing for GM LS based engines makes plumbing an engine coolant system a breeze. Our LS Thermostat Housing allows you to retain a factory thermostat, where others don't! Any fuel injected engine relies on engine coolant temperature for certain computer functions. Therefore we saw it necessary to retain the thermostat.

By using AN fittings it takes the guess work out of what coolant hose it can fit by providing an -16 or -20 AN size. It also eliminates the need of buying 2 or 3 hoses just to make one work. The extremely clean appearance and simplicity of service are an added bonus. The part is built to LAST and for high performance. It will fits ALL Chevy LS based engines.

We prefer to use these on EVERY LS engine for the vehicles we build, or for customers looking to create a better, more effective cooling system!
  • Uses OEM thermostat and gasket
  • Allows you to use -16AN or -20AN hose sizes and fittings
  • Fits ALL Chevy LS based engines
  • Highest quality machined from a HAAS CNC Machines in our USA Wide Open Design Parts and Fabrication Shop.
  • Billet aluminum construction
  • Made in the USA!!
  • Performance tested to work in the most extreme conditions
  • (1) Thermostat Housing. Choose between sizes in option box above.